VMware has released an update to it's widely adopted management stack. vCenter Operations Manager Suite 5.7.1 includes some long awaiting updates and a new product into the family that ties in another layer of integrated management for the entire landscape of existing infrastructure.  Here are some of the highlights of new features and functionality of the complete solution.

VMware vCenter Log Insight:

Releasing in to an open beta as of today, vCenter Log Insight opens up the door for quicker troubleshooting with integration into vCenter Operations Manager as a core product.  From the vCenter Operations dashboards, there is In-context application launch capabilities which are pluggable for suite & third-party products.  This give an administrator the ability to view log analytics events notifications with relevant resource context.  In turn this significantly reduces the time to resolve issues and get back to work.

For more about vCenter Log Insight, see my featured post here.

vCenter Operations Manager as a core product has also introduced some new features in addition to the new member of the family above.  There new dashboards targeted at troubleshooting, specific virtual machines, hosts & clusters as well as newer heatmaps & alerts views.  

One of the new dashboards include pre-built dashboards for vSphere utilization and performance indicators based on VMware best practices including the 10 most requested dashboards from customers and field that shows KPIs for a vSphere environment.

Troubleshooting dashboard example:

There are also new canned dashboards from a VM perspective showing key metrics including a Top 25 lists to identify the top VM resource consumers at-a-glanc.

Virtual Machine specific / Host and Cluster example:

Updated heatmaps display metrics for CPU, Disk, Memory & Network for easy comparison.

Heatmap example: 

Fresher looking alerts dashboard provides additional troubleshooting information at a glance including operation centric alert views - Datacenter workload, Relationshi based view and Filtering capability.

Alert example: 

Another key update to the vCenter Operations Manager core functionality is added reporting abilities.  These reports give administrators and operations groups the ability to provide easy to understand reporting to the application owners and lines of business within the organization.  You can easily assess performance impact to clusters/datastores from increased VMs/demand over last week as well as identify which clusters, datastores, VMs had performance problems last week.

Balance profiles are also something of specific interest to me and a welcomed new feature that enable the delivery of scalable functionality and metrics without compromise to vCenter Operations functionality.  The Balanced profile will be default profile for fresh vCenter Operations install.  For upgrades, the previously selected profile will be not be change.

For more information about the updated vCenter Operations Suite head to the product page on vmware's website.  


AuthorPaul Gifford